VMWare Fusion 5 on a Mac with an Apple Thunderbolt Display (2560×1440)

After installing Windows 7 via an ISO and then installing Windows 8 onto a MacBook Pro, I noticed that the resolution on the virtual instance of windows was not being set to the max resolution of my display. After several attempts in trying to fix, I noticed one small post on VMWare’s site about the issue. Turns out, it’s a quick fix. Simply launch your VMWare Fusion and resume your virtual windows instance. If your instance is running as a window, then simply go to the top VMWare menu under Virtual Machine > Install VMWare Tools. If you’re running your instance on full screen, scroll your mouse to the top of the screen and wait for the top Menu to show up (see attached screenshot above). Once you select “Install VMWare Tools” simply wait for the app to install on your windows instances. Before the installation is started you may get prompt asking what to do with the CD/ISO, simply click run/open to launch the installation.