What front-end web framework to choose, Angular, Ember, React?

I’ve been looking into what front-end development framework to use for future web work and thus far, the contenders include AngularJs, EmberJS and ReactJs. As I dig in more on my research, I’ve decided it best to collect my findings here while. In addition, I’ve also created a Flipboard magazine to collect related articles.

In an ideal world, I would love to learn one more front-end development framework that allows me to do both mobile and native mobile apps. For native apps, I’m looking to learn Swift and/or PhoneGap or build iPhone apps with Javascript in WebView

Great side-by-side comparison of Angular, Ember and React:

Great Quora Posts:
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AngularJS vs. Backbone.js vs. Ember.js

Flipboard Magazines:

View my Flipboard Magazine.
View my Flipboard Magazine.