Anyone else bothered by @LinkedIn’s poorly designed “Influencer” icon?

I noticed that LinkedIn began placing an “Influencer” icon/badge next to a person’s name on the news feed. I think it’s a great idea, but the design could use a little improvement–it looks like it was created using MS Paint. The icon/badge suffers from poor alignment and the use of a font that neither matches the icon nor the pages typography. Here’s my take on improving the icon/badge–below is a side-by-side composite showing current badge versus my design. Thoughts?


How to Subscribe to a Blog Feed using @Flipboard

I’ve never been much of a blog reader (or writer) but when I became inspired to read more business blogs by @ErikBison‘s post on business podcasts I decided to try and keep up with a few blogs. I wondered how best to “subscribe” to a blog from a central location. Being an avid Flipboard reader and curator I wondered if I could use Flipboad for gathering blog feeds. Turns out, there is an easy way but it appears to be a somewhat “secret” and behind the scenes.

Here are a few simple steps to follow and subscribe to a blog:

  • If you have a blog you’d like to subscribe to, simply grab it’s Blog Feed URL. You can get a blog’s feed url by simply tacking on a “/feed” to the blog ur, usually something like
  • Can’t find the feed url? It may also be under “wp-rss2.php” or “/?feed=rss2”
  • Once you have a blog’s url, simply copy-paste it onto the Flipboard App’s search texbox and hit search
  • The result should be the blog’s feed, simply tap “Follow” once you’ve opened it.

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